Conditions for becoming a member :

One must :
  • be an individual, either of French or foreign nationality;
  • approve and sign the CdA Chart of Ethics;
  • read the CdA bylaws;
  • be sponsored for membership by a CdA member;
  • be a graduate of INSEAD, The Wharton School, Harvard or any equivalent school;
  • occupy one or several officer or decision maker positions;
  • or fulfill the requirements and skills to exercise said positions;
  • write a letter of motivation stating one’s intentions and reasons for applying for membership and provide a biography (résumé/CV);
  • Meet with one or more members of the CdA Board to discuss:
    • one’s moral qualities and reputation;
    • one’s commitment to act and to the CdA approach, according to the CdA Code of Ethics
    • one’s interest in the CdA’s project.
  • pay an annual contribution, for which the amount shall be set annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Loss of membership shall be incurred upon :

  • Letter of resignation sent to the President of the CdA;
  • Death;
  • Temporary or permanent removal pronounced by the CdA Board of Directors for non-payment of dues or for any other serious reason, pursuant to the conditions set forth in the bylaws.