In 1992, the intuition that the company is not appreciated at its true value in the French opinion, lead 17 entrepreneurs, alumni of INSEAD, to found the "Group of 17". In partnership with Entreprises et Progrès, their first work is devoted to promoting "entrepreneurship" in France and developing better corporate governance, particularly in SMEs / ETIs, at a time when the Viénot and Bouton commissions are working on similar topics for large listed companies.

In 1998, observing the deplorable image of the boards of directors to the entrepreneurs of SMEs and ETIs, some members of the "Group of 17", led by Florian Walesky, Michel Biégala, Myriam Sautet and others created a club of former INSEAD, the "Circle of Administrators" (CoC).

The main objectives of the CoC are to improve corporate governance practices and to train competent administrators who disseminate best practices and bring real added value to the management and stakeholders of the company in general.

In the early years of 2010, with the explosion of digital technology, societal upheavals of different kinds, the multiplication of potential risks, it became crucial for companies to develop particularly efficient and competent corporate governance. Several associations of alumni of grandes écoles wish to develop their reflections "corporate governance.

In 2014, the CoC became an independent 1901 law association, in which the governance clubs of Harvard, IMD and Centrale actively participated, in addition to the historic clubs of INSEAD Wharton.

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An association of 1901 law that brings together administrators and leaders trained at INSEAD, Wharton, Centrale … with international experience.