Better understand the IPO process

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An IPO has many benefits: raise funds to finance growth, create a liquid market for the shareholders, boost a company’s visibility at home and abroad, raise its profile and status with all stakeholders, promote employee buy-in and commitment, help recruitment, allow legacy investors to exit, transparent and unique price or access to a large family of indices.

Regardless of the end goal, an IPO is an operation that must be well prepared to be successful. To help you understand how a company can access the capital markets and what that implies, Euronext introduces a series of videos called “Preparing to Go Public”.

Going public is a major decision for a company as well as a key step for its managers. Today, more than 1,400 companies are listed on the Euronext markets. Regardless of their initial objectives, each company’s size, scope, and history changed thanks to their IPO. Understand what is an IPO:

Preparation is the key to success. Before an IPO, the executive team needs to assess its readiness for such an operation: a step that is essential to a successful listing. Find out the key steps in stock market listing:

A successful IPO is a team effort. Together, investment banks, legal advisors, auditors, PR agencies and listing sponsors are ready to support entrepreneurs in their IPO adventures. As an IPO is a complex deal, the creation of a skilled team of advisors is essential. Watch this video to learn more about their different roles:

Not all markets are equal, or offer the same options to all companies. Euronext relies on the diversity of its markets to answer the needs of companies with very different profiles, sizes and industry focuses. Identify the market that will best suit each type of company:

An IPO is a milestone to a company, it marks the start of a new journey. This new chapter commits the company to a full range of regulatory and strategic requirements such as connecting with shareholders, keeping up with markets, ensuring a consistent information flow, further R&D to keep growing, M&A opportunities, and much more… Get an insight into the life of a listed company: